The Hopeful Wanderer: Austria

Austria is known for its royal castles, baroque towns, classical music and stunning landscapes; you’re sure to have an experience that you will forever be grateful for, visiting Austria. The Hikers will adore exploring the mountain ranges as they walk the “Eagle walk”, one of the most famous routes in Austria spread over 400km of the beautiful mountainsides.

The sweet tooth lover will rejoice visiting the self-proclaimed capital of the cake world! Making sure to try the title of best “original Sachertorte” from one of Vienna’s coffee houses!

If extreme sports are your thing, the Alps surrounding Austria is a skier’s paradise! Alpbach, in Tyrol, is one of the most picture-perfect destinations any skier could wish for! So perfect it resembles a model village captured in a snow globe, taking days to explore!

The culture buff will be able to spend days exploring Austria’s dark and complex past. Once considered the capital of Europe, the Austro-Hungarian empire collapsed after WW1.

Many of the Palaces, gardens and castles that once belonged to the ruling emperors are now available for the public to view, with many museums acting as amazing relics from an error that once was.

Austria with its beautiful dainty-wooden-alpine-style houses, lush meadows and glittering lakes to top of your visit, it’s no wondering why a trip to Austria is on top of many travel buffs places to visit.

After visiting Austria, we came home with a need to create the perfect selection of bags that truly reflected Austria’s unique style!



The Vienna

With its coffee house culture and vibrant design scene, it is the perfect place to throw on your Vienna crossbody handbag and get Wandering amongst it! 


The Salzburg

What better way to take in all that culture, beauty and music wafting from open windows than with the compact crossbody bag that was inspired by this gorgeous city - The Salzburg Crossbody