Our duffles and cabin bags are made for Wandering! All of our styles are created with our signature luxe full grain leather and designed with plenty of room inside. Perfect for an overnight getaway in the city, for a weekend road trip or a classy carry on for your flight.

18 Duffles
18 Duffles
The Roman
The Roman Bags
The San Francisco Duffle
The San Francisco Duffle Bags
The Sicilian Weekender
The Sicilian Weekender Bags
The Sorrento duffle
The Sorrento duffle Bags
The Stockholm
The Stockholm Bags
The Palermo Duffle
The Palermo Duffle Bags
The Banff Handbag
The Banff Handbag Bags
The Salerno Duffle
The Salerno Duffle Bags
The Turin Duffle
The Turin Duffle Bags
The Ravello
The Ravello Bags
The Salerno Woven Duffle
The Salerno Woven Duffle Bags
The Lucerne Bag
The Lucerne Bag Bags
The Geneva Duffle
The Geneva Duffle Bags
The Santiago Gym Bag
The Santiago Gym Bag Bags
Francesca Grande
Francesca Grande Bags
The Biarritz bag
The Biarritz bag Bags
The Montreal
The Montreal Bags
The Cannes Duffle
The Cannes Duffle Bags
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