La Donna II

A follow-on collection from our highly sought-after pieces in ‘La Donna Collezione’, and our anthology to Women – YOU.

 Shot in some of our favourite destinations around the globe, this collection celebrates the beauty, elegance, intensity, and capability of every woman who wears it.

 This offering has been designed like a grand romantic gesture, a wearable melody, a practical ode to the impracticalities of everyday life as a female in the 21st century. Strong, like you - courageous, just like you!

It is our belief that women the world over are magic. They are Creators, Business leaders, Political activists, Nurturers, Warriors, Comforters, Dream makers, Do-ers. The women in our own world are brilliant mums, aunties, sisters, daughters and friends - and somehow still find the strength, energy and genius to dominate the businesses, families, and organisations that keep our lives alight.

This collection is a celebration of the resilient feminine soul. It does not escape us that not every female is celebrated. That there is grave injustice that still plagues women everywhere; whether through obvious mistreatment, daily prejudice or subtle inequity. And it is our commitment to continue to be a part of the solution by ensuring our employees, their families, and our customers are given the respect, dignity and value that they deserve.

From all of us at Wanderers: we honour every woman that turns their battle scars into armour. Their disappointments into understanding and their roadblocks into roadmaps. It is our great hope that this new collection adds beauty and practicality into the magical moments of your celebrations, world travels, and everyday authority.